How to become an AIMS Member School



Membership is open to all International Schools registered with the Ministry of Education Malaysia.


How to apply to become an AIMS Member School


1) Read the 'AIMS Rules & Constitution'.


2) Complete the 'AIMS Membership Application Form' and email to the AIMS Chairperson.


3) Following receipt of the completed ‘School Membership Application Form’, the application will be discussed by AIMS member schools. A visit to the applying school will then be made by the Head/Principal of two current AIMS member schools. The purpose of the visit is to confirm the accuracy of the completed ‘School Membership Application Form’. 


4) A report following the visit will be subsequently written and shared with all AIMS member schools and a decision will be made about membership suitability. 


5) The AIMS Chairperson will then notify the school of membership acceptance or otherwise.


6) If accepted, a formal introduction will be made to the other AIMS Member Schools along with an invitation to participate in all future AIMS meetings and events.



AIMS Rules and Constitution
AIMS - Constitution.pdf
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AIMS Membership Application Form
AIMS Membership Application Form.pdf
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